I Found My Missing Puzzle Piece

This past weekend, on the 19th, my fiance and I were legally married. I had never been so overwhelmed with such joy and happiness. I didn’t know it was possible that in 15 minutes on one day all of the troubles and problems of your past could be wiped away. I have been wanting to write about our wedding day and the days following it, but I just couldn’t find the words to sum up all of the beautiful emotions I have felt these past few days. That’s when I realized, I had already written them.

In my vows, I did the hardest thing I think I will ever have to do. I verbalized all the thoughts and the feelings I had been holding onto for 2 and 1/2 years. A week ago, I shared these words with my wife, and today I want to share them with the world.


I never thought in a million years that I would ever be a bride or a wife. I was determined to rule the world as a single, independent lady, holding it down all on my own. But, that all changed when I met you. From the first moment I saw you, I felt like I had known you for years. There was this automatic comfort and ease in our relationship. From the beginning, we were inseparable best friends and 2 and ½ years later we still do absolutely everything together. In meeting you and spending my life with you, I have found this completeness in my heart and soul that I had never felt before. I knew it then, and I know it now. In you, I found my missing piece.

I love the fact that you complement me in every possible way. You are all of the logic in this relationship. I let my naïve heart overpower my head, but I’m never scared of what will come of it because even though I knowingly set myself up to be let down, I know that you’ll always be there to catch me when reality hits and put all the pieces back together like you’ve down millions of times before. I love how selfless you are. You are the first person to offer your help to anyone and everyone. I have never met someone who does so much for others without asking for anything in return. I love how smart you are. You’re the type of person who does research on absolutely everything before you talk about it. You come into every conversation with all the facts and all the information. Not only do you teach me so much in every conversation, but I respect you so much for how you approach every discussion and every topic. And, I love how you challenge me. In every conversation, you encourage me to look at the topic from every possible angle and direction before I make a final conclusion. You constantly push me to open my mind and challenge my preconceived notions. In every single way, you make me better. You are helping me become the person I was meant to be. The person I always wanted to be.

So, from this day forward:

I promise that I will always try my hardest to put my dirty clothes into the hamper instead of right next to it.

I promise to wake you up and make you check the house every time I hear a creepy noise at night

I promise that I will always make fun of you for watching Dr. Phil every single night after work.

I promise that I will never buy you any clothing that isn’t grey, black or white. I will forever stay away from buying you anything with colors.

I promise that ‘I Love You’ will be the first words you hear in the morning and the last words you hear each night.

I promise that I will put you first in every situation for the rest of our lives

I promise that I will always be your shoulder to lean on, your best friend, your loudest cheerleader, and your biggest fan

And, I promise that I will never stop loving you, wanting to get to know you, and making you feel special. I adore you and I am ready to spend the rest of my life making sure that you never question that. I love you.” 

Since our wedding day, I have been overcome with pure love and adoration for my wife. I look at her and see our future. I see us raising precious little humans together. I see us accomplishing our biggest dreams. I see us overcoming our deepest and darkest fears. I see us becoming the best versions of ourselves. I see us growing old together. I see a life so much brighter and better than anything I could have ever imagined before meeting her. In her eyes, I see my every hope and dream. These feelings have been completely overwhelming and grew to be much more this Thanksgiving.

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with just the two of us (and our puppies). It was our first holiday as a married couple and our first holiday alone. We spent the day cooking together, watching movies, and playing board games. Throughout the day, I would steal glimpses of my wife and all I could do was smile. It didn’t matter what she was doing, from checking the temperature of the turkey to building our dog a fort from a cardboard box, just being with her made me feel whole. I was celebrating with my other half, my better half. It didn’t matter where we were celebrating. I didn’t care if we would be able to finish getting the food together. All that mattered was the fact that I got to spend the day being thankful for my beautiful wife.

As I reflect on Thanksgiving and all the blessings in my life, the one that I am most grateful for is my wife. In her, I have found what it means to be loved unconditionally. I have learned how to appreciate the small things. I have felt what it means to build and share your life with someone.

If I learned anything this Thanksgiving it is that it doesn’t matter how many people you are surrounded by, it only matters who you are surrounded by. Lucky for me, I was surrounded by the kindest, sweetest, most creative, funniest, and most wonderful person I have ever met.

I was surrounded by my missing puzzle piece.



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