An Impulse Buy Leading to Intergalactic Warfare

Flash Fiction 30 Day Challenge.

Day one: an impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare

“It’s been two weeks,” she heard her mother scowl as she opened her bedroom door, “you have to stop moping. It’s time to get up.”

“Go away,” Hailee growled pulling her comforter over her head.

“Get dressed. We’re going out today,” her mother ordered as she grabbed the corner of her daughter’s comforter and flung it to the floor.


“I’ll see you downstairs in 10 minutes,” her mom responded before exiting her daughter’s room.

Knowing that there was no reason to fight this, Hailee slid out of bed, slumped to her closet, and pulled on an outfit that required little to no thought. She pulled her hair up into a simple bun and dressed her eyelashes with a little mascara. Hailee threw on a pair of sandals and stomped downstairs: she was going to make sure her mother knew how much she hated having to go out today. Hailee entered the living room where her mom was busily singing while sifting through the contents of her purse.

“Are you ready?” Hailee offered from the doorway.

Her mother flashed her a toothy grin and offered up a few lines of you are my sunshine before taking her daughter by the hand and heading to the car.

“Isn’t today beautiful?” her mother asked as she drove towards the mall.

“I guess,” Hailee mumbled in response.

“Honey, he cheated on you, with Claire, your best friend. You deserve better than them! Don’t cry over them! Don’t let them win.”

“That’s easier said than done,” she murmured under her breath. Karen knew there was nothing she could say to ease Hailee’s breaking heart, so she just quietly hummed to herself as she drove on, leaving Hailee to her own thoughts.

“Here!” Karen finally exclaimed throwing the car into park. She and Hailee hurried across the parking lot and disappeared from store to store. The pair browsed aimlessly for hours until something finally caught Hailee’s eyes. They were the most expensive high heels Hailee had ever seen, and to her, they were worth every cent.

“These are 300 dollars,” Karen said with astonishment after picking up one of the shoes to examine it more thoroughly.

“But, they’re perfect,” Hailee said mesmerized by the gold rhinestones that decorated the black pump and the gold chains that draped from the back of the heel. Hailee slipped one of the heels on and examined herself in the mirror. It was love at first sight and as an eighteen-year-old going through her first heartbreak, Hailee was almost certain that she knew what love was. She flashed a smile towards her mom who couldn’t help but smile back. Karen hadn’t seen her daughter beam like that in a long while. She almost forgot what happiness looked like on Hailee.

“I’m getting them!” Hailee blurted out excitedly. She reluctantly slipped out of her heels and back into her sandals and headed over to the register. After an exchange of cash and words, Hailee headed towards the exit, beaming with her purchase in hand. As she began to exit the store, an alarm began to ring. Hailee kept walking, knowing that the shoes were paid for, but as she walked further and further from the store, the alarm got louder and louder. Hailee began to pick up the pace and was nearly sprinting when she realized she was the only person at the mall. She hadn’t even realized her mother wasn’t next to her until now.

“Hello!” Hailee called out over the blaring alarm, “Is anyone there? Where is everyone?”

“Yes, we are here,” an unfamiliar voice called out from behind Hailee.

“Where are you?” Hailee asked turning around to face whoever was talking to her. She stared as three figures began to emerge from behind a doorway. As they got closer, Hailee could make out that there were two women and a man walking towards her. Hailee noticed that as they got closer, they were also getting taller. Hailee was standing face to face with 8 and ½ foot tall people.

“We have come for these,” the man in the middle announced grabbing Hailee’s new shoes.

“Hey, those are mine!” she yelled trying to snatch them back. She lunged forward but somehow ended up on her back staring up at the three giants in front of her. She watched as the man in the middle tore her shoes apart. He pulled a small metal disk from the center of the shoe and flashed a smile towards his female counterparts.

“What’s that?” Hailee asked trying to stand back up.

The women cackled as the man drew in a deep breath.

“This is the key to the future,” he began, “it is what we need to ensure that our planet is the only habitable one.”

“Earth? It is the only habitable planet.”

“No, you silly human,” he started, “Velunos.” But, before he could continue, police sirens began to ring out. The man scooped Hailee into his arms and darted off towards a vehicle she had never seen before. The man climbed into the driver seat, through Hailee into the passenger’s seat, and the women climbed in the back. Before she could even buckle in, Hailee realized the car was flying. Then, she heard shots begin to ring out.

“What is going on?” She screamed looking down at the street that was now flooded with officers in different uniforms.

“We are part human, part galaxian,” one of the women offered.


“It’s just a classier and kinder way of saying alien.”

“So, you all are from outer space?”

“Velunos, to be exact,” the man offered between steering the car and shooting at the officers.

“So, you’re aliens, I mean, galaxian humans from Velunos who need a metal disk?”

“We’re here to destroy your planet,” the man announced obviously annoyed by all of Hailee’s questions. Hailee’s jaw dropped as she stared in disbelief at the driver.

“Bennzy, you can’t just say it like that! Have some courtesy for the poor girl! Her entire life is about to change.”

“Change? How?”

“You’re coming home with us, Hailee,” one of the women announced, “You’re going to be our queen.”

“You found our disk, our hope. This is our chance at humanity. You are our chance at humanity. We will worship you forever,” the other woman encouraged.

“This disk has the material necessary for us to be able to replicate Earth’s composition at Velunos,” the other woman began, “we have the atmosphere and the oxygen, but this disk will give us the opportunities for life forms and water and plants.”

“And with your DNA, we can populate with a stronger human strand,” the first woman offered.

Hailee’s thoughts were racing, but before she could lose herself in them, Bennzy’s voice rang out over the car telephone. He began calling orders.

“Combat troops Alpha Delta and Gamma Zeta, commence. Nuclear troops Omega Phi Beta, Lambda Eta Chi, and Rho Phi Psi, on watch. Drop zones commence in 5 minutes.”

Before she knew it, the sky was cluttered with warfare. Hundreds of military vehicles and personnel were trying to fight off the thousands of Velunos vehicles. Hailee tried to force back the tears as she saw U.S. military vehicles dropping like flies.

“Drop zones. Commence!” Bennzy shouted.

Hailee watched as nuclear bombs plunged to the Earth. She knew this was the end. There would be no Earth after this. There would be no home. She wouldn’t have a chance to escape and come back.

Though the Velunos galaxians would call her queen, she would feel like nothing more than their prisoner.


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