Hello World! My name is Breaunna and I am the author of Breaunna Blogs. In 2016, I realized that more has happened in my life than I could ever process on my own, so I decided to do something I had been thinking about for years. I started this blog. As a young, black, gay woman who was raised in a strict Christian home, I was taught to keep my opinions to myself at the expense of my mental well-being. But today, I have learned that having a creative outlet is necessary for my mental health. My intention behind this blog is to have an outlet for the never ending chaos going on in my mind. When I get in my creative groove, sometimes I write poems, short stories, or just blog about what I am going through. I would like to use this website to share my life and my art with people who would like to experience it with me.

So, if you’re willing, let’s take this ride together!