A Life Away

I tapped my pencil against the side of my desk. I could feel the other students glaring at me, but I couldn’t help it. My test was finished, but I couldn’t get out of my seat yet. The teacher told me to wait until the bell rang to turn in my test. She told me […]

February Writing Challenge

I’ve always struggled with writing in first-person. For whatever reason, that’s the hardest perspective for me to write from. So, for the rest of the month, my short stories will be written from this perspective to both challenge me and help me develop this skill. Any feedback & tips on this style of writing would […]

Apple Cider & Pretzels

I sat in an old, wooden rocking chair, alone on the porch, enjoying my usual cup of coffee while watching the sun emerge over the roofs of the neighboring houses. The morning was still. Children were still sleeping peacefully in their rooms. Parents were enjoying the last few minutes of sleep before the workday ensued. […]


I hope you didn’t come to this blog for photography and you’ll see why if you continue to read on. Well, I have two dogs. Both stand only a few inches from the ground and this photo is taken from their eye level. Their perspective. It’s when you look from another’s perspective that the world […]

Feminism is NOT a Dirty Word

This is in response to a post I read a few days ago, that I saw after the women’s marches. The post that has been circulating is one that makes a few alarming claims: Men and women are not meant to be and cannot be equal Feminism sets a bit of a double standard American […]